Mazda’s SKYACTIV Technology

Fuel Saving, Emissions Reducing Engine Innovations


We're proud to represent Mazda, because Mazda represents innovation. SKYACTIV is Mazda's exclusive engine and transmission technology. Our cars have been engineered to be 200-300 pounds lighter, which allowed engineers to add 50 pounds of sound-dampening, remain lightweight, and provide a premium driving experience. Learn more about how we make luxury affordable below.

Mazda engine 


Our 2.0 and 2.5L gasoline engines produce more low and mid-range torque than the competition, but use less fuel. SKYACTIV engines are created to provide better fuel economy, lower emissions, and a unique connection with the road. All of this is built into lightweight and powerful engines that get you on the road and with more power than ever before. We've created a 15% increase in fuel efficiency. Some models even offer cylinder deactivation features to save even more fuel.

Mazda transmission 

SKYACTIV Transmissions

SKYACTIV transmissions are available in both automatic and manual. You'll find the 6-speed SKYACTIV-Drive and 6-speed SKYACTIV-MT on our lot. The Drive incorporates the precision and feel of a manual transmission in an automatic package. You'll feel closer with the road and safer behind the wheel with a true driving experience. The Drive also has a widened lock-up range that drastically increases torque transfer efficiency, and the MT includes a short shift throw that provides a sports car feel by feeling light and snappy.

Mazda turning down a highway 


Ever take a corner too hard and get a slap on the wrist from a backseat driver or a passenger? Not anymore! With GVC, Mazda has engineered a system that changes how both the driver and the passengers are affected by turns. Torque is managed in a way that decelerates g-forces and moves the vehicle's weight onto the front tires to enhance stability. You'll no longer feel like you have whiplash from the traffic circles around the corner.

Mazda parts 

SKYACTIV-Body & -Chassis

Our bodies and chassis are engineered to work flawlessly together. With these two features, there's no more feeling like you're disconnected. You'll experience the true body of Mazda with smarter engineering. The focus of the SKYACTIV body is rigidity, which provides better handling and ease-of-function on the road. While becoming more rigid, the body is also lighter; 8 percent lighter, in fact! SKYACTIV chassis are designed to keep your turns right, crisp, and responsive. Your vehicle will be nimble at low speeds and remain stable at high speeds.