These days, it feels like every penny counts more than it ever has before. One of the most common questions that we’re asked about from Frederictonians is the fuel economy of our vehicles. Guess what; it’s one of our favourite questions because we have some of the best answers out there: the Mazda lineup. Here are some true-life stories that our trusted customers have shared with us.

From Oromocto to Sydney

One of our customers returned to our service bays for routine maintenance. While he was here, he shared the story of one of his family trips to Nova Scotia with us.

Dave’s family filled the tank of their Mazda CX-5 in our beloved neighbouring city’s traffic circles and hit the road. They were able to make it to their destination on less than a full tank of gas: 58 litres.

According to Google Maps, this trip is roughly 624 kilometres. All of that on a tank of gas with fuel to spare? That’s no small feat. This customer experience surpasses the estimates provided by Mazda, yet again exceeding expectations. Thankfully, Mazdas have an unlimited mileage warranty, so you’ve covered no matter how far you’re travelling.

Fuel Ratings and Awards for the Mazda CX-5

The vehicle, as a base, is rated for 28 MPG for combined fuel mileage, or 11.9 KM/L.

“The CX-5 has average EPA estimates compared with rivals that have similar power. The Mazda was the only one, however, to exceed its highway rating on our fuel loop, and it has the longest highway range.”

– Eric Stafford, Car and Driver

This incredible fuel mileage is just one of the reasons why the Mazda CX-5 won the compact SUV award for Auto123’s compact SUV segment. From real-life customers to professional automotive industry test drivers, the CX-5 is taking Canadians further than ever before.

If you’re looking to find your next SUV, don’t look anywhere else, Fredericton. The CX-5 is ready and waiting. Shop our CX-5 inventory today.