If there’s one thing that is important to take away from this post, it’s that Mazda has the best fuel efficiency and repair rate in the industry. See how we save you money from sales to service at Fredericton Mazda, and why we’re ready to show you how we stack up to the competition.

The Best Fuel Efficiency

EPA has named Mazda the most fuel efficient brand in the industry. That’s the fifth year running. The honour has been bestowed upon us, and that’s without any electric vehicles or hybrids. We simply make the most efficient fuel-combustion engines around. How’s that for impressive?

The total average fuel consumption rating for a Mazda vehicle is 10.48 KPL (kilometres per litre). We achieve these statistics with radical technology. While the other brands might have blinders on when it comes to trim, we have an entire department dedicated to making our vehicles run smoother, quieter, and more efficiently. The use of SKYACTIV technology (engines, transmissions, bodies, and chassis) has played a significant role in making this award possible by making cutting-edge engineering choices to use less fuel and make lighter vehicles.

Our Top Fuel-Saving Picks

While we’re truly big fans of our full lineup of vehicles, there are a few that strike us here in Fredericton as particularly impressive.

The Mazda3

No stranger to good times and gas savings, the Mazda3 is impressive and ranks highly amongst the competition. The average 2018 Mazda3 combined fuel efficiency places at 13 KPL, which is impressive for a car with such power; again, thanks to SKYACTIV technology. It’s light, it’s sporty, and it’s going to take you places without breaking the bank.

The Mazda CX-5

One of our favourite SUV for many reasons, the CX-5 leads the pack for SUV fuel economy. The average combined fuel consumption is 12.33 KPL, which puts the Hyundai Tuscon to shame at 10.6 KPL and truly embarrasses our biggest competitor, the Santa Fe, at 9.77 KPL. Even Honda can’t keep up, with the CR-V clocking in at 11.47 KPL.

The Mazda CX-3

Small but mighty, the CX-3 is always a surprise to folks who test drive it. It’s small, light, but incredibly peppy under your foot. Out of the gate, the average fuel economy for the CX-3 lineup is 12.75 KPL. What’s it up against? A moderate win compared to 11.47 KPL for drivers of the Subaru Crosstrek.

Fuel savings are just the beginning. Mazda vehicles have the lowest repair rates in the industry, as well as truly affordable pricing across the board. We offer competitive pricing on all of our vehicles, as well as a selection of finance programs to make your dream car a reality. Book a test drive today, or reach out. We’re always happy to help.