Since 2011 SKYACTIV has been pushing the Mazda name to the edge of innovation in the automotive world. Known for its advancements across the board, Mazda has been bringing improvements through SKYACTIV to their engines, transmissions, body and chassis. With a design team working exclusively to improve Mazda in a way that breaks barriers and brings affordable power and class to all vehicle owners, it’s no wonder Mazda has been raking in the awards. But what is SKYACTIV really about? Fredericton Mazda takes a closer look at what this suite of tech has to offer.

What can SKYACTIV do for you?

The breakthrough technology behind SKYACTIV was created to connect car and driver in a way that has never been seen on this scale. Each feature is designed to complement each other and speak to an elevated user experience that starts with the engine. With the benefits of a compression-engine diesel engine to produce the next generation SKYACTIV X (available soon), Mazda engineers have blended the benefits of spark-ignition gasoline engines that offer cleaner emissions and power with the benefits of a compression-ignition diesel engine to produce the SKYACTIV X that delivers speed, efficiency and power. The complimentary transmissions are available in both automatic and manual. The 6-speed SKYACTIV-Drive and 6-speed SKYACTIV-MT give any driver the freedom to choose their optimum ride. If you prefer the control of manual, the easy shifting transmission is perfect; for those who prefer the automatic, fear not. The fun and energy of a manual is perfectly captured in the automatic transmission. The fun and energy of a manual is perfectly captured in the automatic transmission with manual shift mode.

Affordable Power

To handle the power, vehicles equipped with SKYACTIV technology are engineered down to the last detail to offer a luxurious and comfortable ride. To safely and comfortably get you around sharp city corners and wide country bends, the torque is managed in a way that decelerates the g-forces allowing the vehicle’s weight and momentum to shift onto the front tires. To ensure your ride is more comfortable than the competition’s, the chassis has been redesigned to allow for an enhanced suspension system and power steering to guide you over the open road.

The body and chassis have been engineered to compliment each other. The focus of the SKYACTIV body is rigidity and safety. The body was made  8% lighter but improved with 30% more rigidity. Designed to disperse impact and keep everyone on board safe, the improved handling and ease-of-function on the road is made for tight turns and optimum performance, to allow for an enhanced suspension system that smoothly handles uneven and rough roads.

Leading Innovation

SKYACTIV has placed Mazda at the forefront of the industry. Marked by its power, luxurious finishings, and affordability, it’s no wonder the SKYACTIV engine is winning innovation awards left, right and centre including the Edison Award in Innovation. Want to learn more about what driving a Mazda can mean for you? Contact the team at Fredericton Mazda.