What does affordable luxury look like? Mazda’s Price is Right and Feels Even Better.

What is the shape of affordable luxury? It looks like the symbol you’ll see on every Mazda. Affordable used to mean sacrifices in comfort and driving experience. Mazda has climbed the tallest tower to announce that times have changed and Mazda is one of the reasons why.

Is Mazda affordable?

How affordable is the luxury that Mazda offers? With the only unlimited mileage warranties in Canada, Mazda puts a premium on quality workmanship. Other automakers offer lesser, limited mileage warranties with the argument being, “Our cars are so reliable that you, the buyer, don’t need a long warranty. Our guarantee is your warranty!” That’s a nice speech, isn’t it? Talk is cheap, and car repairs are not, this is the reality. At Mazda, our cars are so reliable that we offer the best warranties in the business because we know it won’t cost us and we don’t want your vehicle to cost you. The auto industry recognizes Mazda as having the lowest repair rate in the industry, which is why we’re thrilled to offer the best warranty in the business by giving our drivers peace of mind and long-term affordability. For drivers, that means enjoying the premium driving experience all Mazda vehicles come standard with.

Let’s put the Mazda CX-9 head to head with Santa Fe XL Limited AWD in terms of cost. When you factor in gas at $1.40/L doing 25,000 KM a year, drivers will save $770.00. Fuel efficiency is no accident either. The EPA has crowned Mazda the most fuel-efficient automaker for five consecutive years. It’s built into our brand. Mazda makes cars for drivers, so we keep the driving experience pure by keeping eyes on the road and not the odometer. Years without fears with the unlimited mileage warranty we’re known for. Don’t count the kilometers, and understand that the money you save on fuel isn’t going to get dumped back into your car through repairs during or after your warranty. Quality doesn’t have an expiration date.


Our Soundproofing Technology

Luxury is something you should feel at all times and only hear when you want to. You may have read that Mazda cut down the weight of all vehicles by anywhere from 200-300 pounds. That’s one of the aces up our sleeve that keeps us at the head of the pack for fuel economy. Cutting pounds where it counts allows us to pack on a few that you may not notice while parked. With as much as an extra 50 pounds of insulation that makes up a matrix of soundproofing material, it’s a drive you’ll experience, not hear. Unless you’re in the market for a little noise… then turn up the standard Bose sound system!

What does luxury mean to us?

What does luxury mean to us? It means back seats with trim no different than the front seats you’ll take your first test drive in. It means a smoother and less fatiguing ride with Skyactiv vehicle dynamics that will create less sway in the turns, so you’ll be enjoying the curves not fighting them. It means a redesigned grille that will greet you every morning and turn heads on the sidewalk. It means dual-zone climate control and an 8-inch infotainment touch screen in models, like the Mazda 6.

That’s what luxury means to us.

If you’re ready to bring long-term luxury into your life with affordability you can bank on, take a Mazda for a road test and see how much better life on the road can be.