The Mazda company has been around for 97 years, and its origins trace back to 1920.

Mazda Canada is part of the Mazda Motor Corporation which is based in Hiroshima, Japan. And, although the company is an older one, Mazda Canada itself is only celebrating its 50 years in the country as of 2018.

So, how did Mazda come to be in Canada, and in particular, get all the way out to Fredericton, N.B? As of last year, there are 165 independently-owned and franchised Mazda dealerships across Canada, and Fredericton Mazda is proudly one of them!

We’ve put together a timeline of some of the company’s most significant milestones.

The beauty of Mazda: it works!

The very first Mazda vehicles were designed for work. But, with a change in consumer behavior and the constant evolution of technology, today’s Mazda’s are, in short, a work of art, but they get the job done, more so now than ever. With one special car voted as the best small utility vehicle in Canada for 2018 by the Automobile Journalists Association of Canada, the company is on track for another record year in Canada.

One of the best value-added benefits of buying a new Mazda is that it offers the unlimited mileage warranty program on all models that are 2015 or newer. So, even if you’re shopping for a used Mazda, so long as it’s a 2015 model, you can enjoy this benefit. Mazda is the only automotive company in Canada to offer this added protection to drivers. New Mazda models feature unlimited warranty in the following categories:

  • 3-YEAR new vehicle warranty
  • 3-YEAR roadside assistance
  • 5-YEAR powertrain warranty
  • 7-YEAR anti-perforation warranty

So, go ahead, start enjoying the drive! With Mazda, we don’t put a cap on your warranty once you reach a certain peak in recorded kilometers. The whole point is to enjoy your new vehicle, not hold back. Plus, the unlimited mileage warranty is completely transferable, so even if you decide to trade your vehicle for a newer model, you can enjoy the freedom of the open road.

Zoom-Zoom: A history of Mazda’s life in Canada

1968: Mazda Canada begins formal operations in Canada.

1973: The 1973 oil crisis hits, affecting Canadian and American Mazda buyers. The company began refocusing its efforts towards smaller, more fuel-efficient vehicles, and switched to the rotary engine.

1974: Mazda partners with the Ford Motor Company all the way up until 2015. During that time, Mazda introduced the very first Miller cycle engine in 1995, a to this day, the company is the only automotive brand to have used the Miller-cycle in the manufacturing of cars.

1997: The final redesigned version of the Mazda logo is here to stay. From 1975 until 1991, the company didn’t have an official logo, but the lowercase blue stylized version of its name is still used today. Now, the logo represents a Mazda with stretched wings.

2008: Although it’s been testing eco-friendly practices for decades, this was the year Mazda revealed an innovative way to recycle plastics–the seats of the Mazda5 featured bioplastic internal consoles and bio-fabric seats.

2010: Toyota and Mazda announce that there is a supplier agreement in the works for the same hybrid technology that was used in Toyota’s popular eco-friendly Prius model.

2016: Mazda Canada celebrates 2,000,000 sold in Canada. The milestone marker was a 2016 Mazda3, which happens to be Canada’s best-selling vehicle, and it was purchased in Quebec.

2017: Mazda makes a series of modifications to the Government of Canada’s 5-Cycle Fuel Testing to ensure that fuel consumption records are to the highest standard of accuracy for Canadian drivers.

2018: The Automobile Journalists Association of Canada declares the 2018 Mazda CX-5 as the best small utility vehicle in Canada for 2018.

2018: Sales are up 1.7%, or 4,611 vehicles for Mazda Canada, in comparison to February 2017, representing an all-time high since 2013, as reported by Mazda Canada on March 1, 2018. The CX-5 continues to be the best-selling Mazda vehicle for 2018.

2018: The highly-anticipated Mazda6, with a turbocharged, 2.5L four-cylinder engine delivering 227HP and 330 lb-ft. torque, is available for sale, as of April 2018! Shop our new inventory when the time comes to make sure you get yours first!

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