Fredericton Mazda Testimonials

Paul Cunningham was amazing to deal with! He knows the Mazda brand and products, and took the time to really listen to what my needs were. I'd buy from him again in a heartbeat. He's professional, courteous, knowledgeable, and most importantly, he's a real gentlemen. Mazda is lucky to have him.

Dealing with the salesman Paul and the financing guy Todd was absolutely amazing. They were two of the friendliest, professional, knowledgeable salespeople I've dealt with. The manager Ron was very helpful with assisting us trade in our old Mazda 3 towards our new purchase. The only reason I answered "very satisfied" instead of "completely satisfied" with the delivery of the vehicle is because, it was one day late to pick up. No big deal. I understood they wanted it in perfect shape for us to take it home. This is the third new vehicle my wife and I have bought from this Mazda dealership and I have been nothing but extremely satisfied and impressed with all the services from the staff there. I would definitely recommend a Mazda and this dealership to anyone I know.

I walked into Mazda not expecting to get a car that day, and Paul took me right in. He asked me what my budget was, an fit it perfect with what I had said. Paul listened to everything that I asked for, an got me into a brand new car which was a step up from the used cars I thought I was going to get. Paul was absolutely amazing at his job and knew all of the answers to my questions. I couldn't be happier with my experience with the serve I received. I hope Paul gets a lot of recognition for the amazing service he provides to his customers because he is outstanding. Also, Todd was quick and efficient as well. He answered all of my financial questions and concerns. He was very friendly and introduced me to the service department as well. My whole experience was the best I've ever received from a car dealership, you have an amazing team at Fredericton Mazda!

The overall service was beyond my expectations. They were willing to fulfill every request, no matter how big or small. It had always been one of my 'dreams' to drive my car out of the showroom and they made this happen. The staff is very knowledgeable, friendly, and professional. I highly recommend Fredericton Mazda, Ron Jardine, Ron Trafford, and Todd Stevens as they are a wonderful team!

- Erin-Beth

Purchasing my new car was a very positive experience. The staff were all very friendly and accomodating to me and my timeline; as I was from out of province. Paul was very helpful, answered all my questions and was able to provide me with my list of "must have". Todd was very friendly and knowledgeable when we completed the financial part of the deal. We had a great chat with several members of the service department and found them quite helpful answering questions regarding winter tires. Overall it was an excellent experience.

- Patricia

My experience with Paul at Fredericton Mazda was top notch. He knew the car inside and out and you could tell he believed in the brand and the engineering. He shared my father and I's passion for driving. We went to every dealership in Fredericton and nobody came close to that level of customer service. Will highly recommend to all my friends and family.

- Leslie

I was looking for a second car ~ our daughter attends UNB I didn-t have anything in mind beside price :- I called all the dealerships in Fredericton and Ron was the only one who listened to what I was looking for. We chatted and he answered every question I had. So I decided on the Mazda 3 - he then set me up with Todd who answered all my financial questions - lease Vs buy etc :- I had very little time - they had everything arranged and done for me - provided me a car for the morning- very impressed with the service and LOVE my Mazda - highly recommend Fredericton Mazda!!

- Labrador, NL

Paul Cunningham was one of the best if not the best car salesmen that I have ever delt with.

- Gregory

My salesman, Ron Jardine, was helpful, courteous and my wife liked him. I had a great experience purchasing this car. The unlimited mileage warranty is amazing and makes me love my car that much more. The thing I dislike most about buying a new car is the hesitation I have when driving it anywhere. "Gotta watch the mileage". I have had my car a month and I already have 50 thousand clicks on it! Ha, just kidding. It is a great car, great safety ratings and your unlimited warranty shows that you are willing to stand behind the quality. Thank you.

- Wilfred

Ken and I found that Ron and Todd, as usual, made our 4th experience with Fredericton Mazda a very comfortable and pleasant one. They have both gone above and beond their duties to make us happy customers for sure. We went on our first trip today with my new Mazda 3, and loved it.

- Ken & Wanda

I have been driving Mazda's since 1996 and have been very satisfied with the product. The vehicle's driven have handled very well and have been relatively free of mechanical problems. I have recommended the Mazda product to several of my friends and acquaintances and will continue purchasing the Mazda product as I like the looks, feel and handling of the vehicles driven. Completely satisfied with the product.

- Robert & Jo-Anne

This is the 4th vehicle that I have purchased in the last 5 years(my first Mazda) and Paul was by far the best salesman that I have ever dealt with and Todd was awesome to deal with on the finance side. I will definitely be going back to Fredericton Mazda for my future needs.

- Jordan

Paul is a very good salesman who cared about my needs and never tried to push anything on me that I didn't want. He respected myself, the customer, as well as his competition...he sold the vehicle by its own merits and not by trashing the competition. I visited many dealerships that week and was not impressed by how many salesmen were out to sell there product by trashing their competition, which in my opinion is very unprofessional. Paul was very professional, courteous and looked after me very well.

- Nicole & Robert

The consultant that we dealt with was Denis Lahaie. The day we went to look around at the Mazda dealership it was close to closing time and Denis came right out to help us and stayed BEYOND closing time to answer any questions we had for him. Denis provided a lot of information and was detailed. Very happy with Denis's service and the rest of the Mazda's consultants.

- Kevin

We are loving our Mazda, thanks to Paul, Ron and I believe his name was Todd, forgive me if I'm wrong. I have been a Dodge ownner for the last 20, Mazda really impressed me. Nobody can beat their unlimited millage warranty. I know I'm not an easy person to sell a vehicle too, I'm very particular and need to know every bit of information possible to make a decision. Ron and Paul went out of their way to make me comfortable, hats off to the Mazda team in Fredericton! It's nice to have sales members that know his product so well.

Thanks again
- Clarence

This is the 4th vehicle that we have purchased from Fredericton Mazda. The level of professionalism from everyone at this dealership is hard to beat. No hassle service appointments and cheerful staff mean a lot to us. We won't shop anywhere else!

- Trevor and Pamela

In this survey, you asked if we were satisfied with the condition of the vehicle (cleanliness, condition of vehicle, etc.) upon delivery. I answered that we were somewhat dissatisfied. It was not because it hadn't been cleaned (it was sparkling!) It was because within 5 hours of getting the car, we noticed a defect in the engine bonnet. Something that all of us missed. We have to say that the sales rep and sales manager relieved our fears immediately and this was resolved by the next morning!! We couldn't have been more pleased with the solution!! All is right with the world. We love our new vehicle. From our salesman (Dennis Lahaie), who explained all of the car's features, to the business manager (Todd Stephenson) who explained all warranties, financial questions, to the Service Manager (Ed Badeau) and his staff, who helped us purchase new snow tires, and switched out engine bonnets for us. We couldn't have been treated better!! They were all very knowledgeable about their products and we never felt pressured or uncomfortable in asking questions. As a matter of fact, when we decided on which winter tires we wanted, they had them delivered and installed by noon the next day!! Bravo to this Dealership's fine staff. We have never owned a Mazda before but our experience will surely have us back again and we are already singing their praises to friends and family. We look forward to enjoying our car for many years to come.

- Richard

I checked several other car dealerships before buying my vehicle and had made a decision to purchase a vehicle from one of those places. The day that I was to sign for my vehicle from one of your competitors, my brother, who had recently purchased a vehicle from your Fredericton Mazda office, strongly suggested that I check it out before making a down payment and signing papers for the vehicle I had already decided to buy. I walked into the Mazda dealership fully intending to look things over and then go purchase the vehicle I thought I wanted, just so I could tell my brother I had checked out the Mazda products. The Mazda sales people (including the manager) were very polite, professional and accommodating. I didn't feel like I was being pressured in any way but I was asked what I was looking for and every effort was made to find the right fit. What clinched the deal for me was that when I gave a condition for purchase, which was important to me(the previous dealer would not consider it), not only was it considered at Mazda but it was agree to and then met when I purchased the vehicle. Your sales team assured me that the client service is second to none at this Mazda location. That is very important to me. If after purchase service compares to the service I received when looking for and purchasing my vehicle, I am truly looking forward to being a Mazda customer for many years to come.

- Lorraine

I went away feeling like I was a "valued" customer; this does not always happen in business today. I was treated with courtesy, respect and professionalism. The sales representative went the mile to work with me and keep the payment where I wanted it. He did not pressure me to take something outside my financial boundary. Thanks Paul!

- Rosina

My experience at Fredericton Mazda was very satisfying , we met the owners , other sales staff consultants , administrative support and the service department. We felt like family they couldn't do enough for us ,,, very happy to date . 5 star rating , a very comfortable experience and comfortable ride , zoom zoom. The safety rating is excellent and the platinum warranty makes it all the more comfortable experience .

- Alfred & Deborah

Paul we love our CX5! We took a drive to Amherst on Sunday and it rained most of the way. I didn't have to adjust the rain sensing wipers once. Even when the rain pattern changed. However I didn't enjoy David fiddling with the controls when I was trying to drive. Lol

All of my family loves it as well. We are very happy so far.
Thanks again,
- Tasha

This dealer had a very welcoming and knowledgeable staff that made the trade-in and purchase experience a breeze. The business manager, Todd, was extremely professional and knowledgeable when it came to warranty options to protect my investment. Todd was also able to locate and arrange the exact model of the Mazda 6 GT I had hoped for. Overall a great experience. ZOOM ZOOM!!

- Nicholas

This is my second Mazda from Fredericton Mazda! I always stop in to chat with Ron Jardine when I'm at Mazda. Ron is an all around great guy who makes the often daunting process of purchasing a new vehicle painless and simple. His knowledge and passion for the brand makes me excited to be driving home a new Mazda! I feel like I matter at Fredericton Mazda, which is all too rare in the very fast world that we live in today. Thanks again for another great experience! I absolutely LOVE my new car! Ps. Ron, you were right about the gas...this little gem barely sips it.

- Laura

This is my third time leasing a Mazda3. I looked at other cars this time around but I keep coming back to this dealership because they treat me so well. Both sales consultant Paul Cunningham and service staff know me by name and go beyond the call of duty to make sure I'm happy. I tell everyone I love my car and I love Fredericton Mazda!----


- Fredericton, NB

This is my fourth Mazda - all of these vehicles were purchased through this dealership. Family members have also been satisfied customers over the years. Overall, Fredericton Mazda delivers on service and has always done the extras that will keep me coming back!---


- Fredericton, NB

This is the fourth Mazda I-ve leased or purchased from Fredericton Mazda and while there are other manufacturers I would consider, I have found the professional and friendly demeanour of the Fredericton Mazda staff in the sales, service and financing departments so great over the years, that I keep coming back. I appreciated Paul Cunningham-s knowledge and friendliness and the experience and professionalism of Todd Stephens. Always appreciate Ed Badeau and the staff in service for their excellence as well.----Brent and Mary-Jo Roy

2015 Mazda CX5

- Fredericton, nb

I was so impressed with the service I encountered at Fredericton Mazda. I am 22 year old girl and I entered the dealership on my own expecting to be bombarded by sales pitches for more than I needed and wanted, but I was pleasantly surprised. My salesperson asked all of my needs and wants and gave me just that. He didn't try to push more on me. I walked in and purchased a car within in an hour. That's how helpful and wonderful he was. I am extremely satisfied with my purchase and with the service!


Mazda 3

- Fredericton, New Brunswick